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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Modjeska Canyon Hike

The weather was gorgeous this weekend. We grabbed the dogs and took a hike in Modjeska Canyon, just one of the awesome hiking trails here in Orange County, and one of the few that allows you to bring your dogs on the hike. (Just don’t forget to clean up after them.) 🙂

It was a great time with the family, and a nice way to work on one of my 2013 resolutions, get outside more. It’s going to be a great year!

Modjeska Canyon, Orange County, CA

Ecofession: Episode 2 – I Used a Plastic Bag

While shopping at Sprouts today, I stumbled into the next episode of my Ecofession series. (Random note: they are having their gluten-free jubilee right now so if you or someone you love is going gf, stock up now while everything is 25% off.)

Here is Episode 2, including my I-totally-embarrased-myself-in-the-middle-of-Sprouts moment:

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Wordless Wednesday: Future Foods Farms

I had the opportunity to tour Future Foods Farms in Brea this week. I met Chef Adam and heard all about the sustainable aquaponic farming techniques he has pioneered. I could not be more impressed. This is truly the future of farming.

Lots of details coming in my March OC Metro article, but thought I’d share some of the pictures I took of their beautiful greens in the meantime.

Future Foods Farms

Cheers to healthy eating and the people who make it possible!

Give Meatless Monday a Chance

It’s Meatless Monday again and if you haven’t tried it yet, make 2013 the year you give meatless a chance.

I’m a big fan of Meatless Monday. It’s a simple, easy thing that you can do to make a difference. The health and environmental benefits of going meatless (even in small amounts) are many, for both your own health and the planet. It saves money too – a bag of quinoa costs a lot less than a steak.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need special recipes or hard-to-find ingredients.

It can be as simple as picking up a meatless protein source, combining it with some vegetables and grain you already have on-hand, heating it all up, and serving it to the family.

If you need ideas for meatless protein sources, check out this awesome, informative article “7 Proteins for Meatless Mondays (and How to Use Them)”.

One of my go-to meals for Meatless Monday is tofu-veggie stir fry. It’s easy, inexpensive, and my kids love it.

I start with tofu – obviously. I prefer the sprouted, organic tofu from Trader Joe’s. I cut it into small pieces (like the size of well-diced chicken). When cut super small and seasoned, I haven’t found a kid yet that doesn’t like tofu. Some, after digging in, have even asked my how I seasoned my chicken. 😉

Then, I clean out my vegetable drawer. Basically, I take all the produce that’s just about ready to turn, and cut it up into small pieces and toss it in.

I usually add some organic GMO-free edamame (easily found for a great price at Costco) – for additional protein and because my kids love it.

Then, just heat up some sesame oil in the wok, toss the whole mix in, and season. I like to use a little rice vinegar, a healthy dose of Bragg liquid aminos and a little bit of sea salt. Heat in the wok for about ten minutes and it’s done.


You can throw this mix on top of rice, noodles, or just eat it as is.

So there is one idea for a simple, affordable Meatless Monday dinner. For more meatless dinner recipe ideas, check out my Meatless Monday Board on Pinterest or the recipe page of the site.

Do you have some good Meatless Monday recipes? I’d love it if you would share the link in the comments below.

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

From our recent mountain vacation. Feels far away from life here in Orange County, but it’s just a short drive to Lake Arrowhead. Miss it already. Hopefully we will be back soon.