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Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Card Display

Every year I struggle with what to do with the holiday cards. Everyone has such great photos and I love seeing all the families grow. I want to display them all, but it always takes up so much room. Here is my solution for this year:

Holiday Card Display

I totally made this up! I didn’t even find it on Pinterest, which is pretty amazing.

The best thing is that I didn’t buy anything. I had this wreath and nowhere to put it.  Then, I wanted to use twine to tie the cards. But I didn’t have twine (I used it all to string up tomato plants that died because I kinda suck at growing things).

So I only had this leftover yarn from some school project. I think it was used as hair for our “famous dead person” report last year. Yeah, we had to make a puppet of a dead person – so anyway… I had this wreath I didn’t know what to do with and leftover string from dead-person hair, and I made this.

And I kind of love it.

Of course, our card is not there because, although I do pride myself on holiday decorating, holiday card preparation and mailing – not really my specialty.

So there you go. One more idea for how to display your holiday cards. Now I can “pin it”. Nice!

Hope your holidays are merry and bright!